Amanzi Resource Management Systems

Amanzi Resource Management Systems – with over 25 years of experience in the water related and sanitary ware industries – has evolved in order to answer the need to provide fast, easy, reliable and ecological solutions to the problem of contamination in the water supply here in Africa.


As the global village becomes smaller trends and fashions develop almost instantaneously, and Africa, once mostly isolated, is now exposed to cutting edge technology and ideas. We as consumers are now demanding what is available in New York, London and Paris, from state of the art shower panels and mixers in the bathroom, through to any kitchen appliances utilising water such as washing machines, dishwashers and coffee machines. This is progress and as it should be, but unfortunately our local water infrastructure is not up to international standards and our fiscus does not seem have the facilities to rectify this with there being many more projects with a seemingly higher importance to address by Government.


So the responsibility for protecting our personal water supply has fallen back on the consumer.


After examining the different solutions available worldwide Amanzi RMS has carefully selected what we feel are the best products to meet the needs of the South African market, mixing well established companies leading their respective fields with innovative technology and a robust build.